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Good quality Auto Injection Molding for sales
Good quality Auto Injection Molding for sales
Customer Reviews
Shenzhen Weidagao Technology Co.,Ltd is a good factory .What manufacturer I was always looking for is with good quality and good work efficiency , so that we can have a long-term cooperation .I didn't like change suppliers frequently , because it will waste a lot of time and energy .Until I find Weidagao , I know this is my choice .

—— Moreno

I have been to this factory twice , it's really good and big , especially the machines they have are really advanced .It's kind of a big scale mould factory . The people here work efficiently and nice , the point what I would like to cooperate is the positive working attitude and they respect clients' each opinion .

—— Mohammad

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Shenzhen Weidagao Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Weidagao Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Weidagao Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Weidagao Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Weidagao Technology Co., Ltd.

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Shenzhen Weidagao Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Weidagao Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Weidagao Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Weidagao Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Weidagao Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Production Line

    Our Factory

    Die Department


    Shenzhen Weidagao Technology Co., Ltd.


    Weidagao deeply understands that religious product design and die design are the precondition of success and advanced mechanical processing devices and elaborate operation provides precision for the tooling . Therefore , the corperate invests money in a huge amount to purchase devices and now have 7 CNC processing centers , 3 mirror surface electrical discharge machines , 10 electrical discharge machines of numerical control , 2 slow feeding linear cutting machines , precision grinders , etc , which guarantees the precision of the mould .


    Injection Department

    Shenzhen Weidagao Technology Co., Ltd.


    We have injection machine reaching the advanced level . The injection workshop has more than 20 injection machiens in various type , which clamping force ranging from 90 tons to 200 tons , and real injection amount ranging from 0.5g to 500g , which can meet various complex and high precison molding requirements .


    Spraying Workshop

    Shenzhen Weidagao Technology Co., Ltd.


    The spray finishing workshop is provided with a constant temperature workshop with a purifying capacity reaching level 3000 , an automatic dustless painting line of three times of spraying and baking respectively and a painting line of two times spraying and baking respectively . The attachment strength , polish degree , rigidity , corruption and abrasion resistance and the film thickness of the paint can all meet the advanced standards in the industry and guarantee the quality of the products .


    Assembly Department

    Shenzhen Weidagao Technology Co., Ltd.



    Based on high standard , the assembling workshop is equipped with 4 assembling pipelines and has more than 80 employees in the entire workshop , with a monthly output of 500 thousand sets of complete shells for cell phone .


    Testing Machines

    Shenzhen Weidagao Technology Co., Ltd.






    CNC DMG 2 Germany
    CNC MORI SEIKI 2 Japan
    CNC XINFENG 2 Taiwan
    CNC FANUC 2 Japan
    CNC YCM 2 Taiwan
    EDM HyBest 2 China
    EDM TOPEDM 6 Taiwan
    Wire cutting machine SODICK 2 Japan
    Wire cutting machine QINGYUAN 2 Shanghai
    Digital display grinding machine HyFair 6 China
    Grinding machine KENT 1 China
    Grinding machine JOINT 1 China
    Injection molding machine HAITIAN 12 China
    Injection molding machine GEMYOUNG 2 China
    Injection molding machine Demag 10 Germany
    3 Dimension Coordinate YXB 1 China
    3 Dimension Coordinate HEXAGON 1 Sweden
    Drilling machine HOSTEK 1 Taiwan
    Milling machine FENGBAO 1 China
    Milling machine SUPERASIA 1 China
    Milling machine JOINT 6 Taiwan
    Die heater AILS 22 China
    Double temperature Die heater TOPSTAR 10 China


    Production Process


    Shenzhen Weidagao Technology Co., Ltd.









    Mold Design


    We have 20 experienced enguneers for designing . Each project , each step , we hold internal meeting for discussing the most effective plan for manufacturability . Once it has problems , every engineer changes their opinions and tries to find a solution . The most important is that we will totally communicated with customer and adopt customer’s mind . And also we hold video and telephone conference with our customers sometimes. we use latest design software: AutoCAD, MasterCAM, UG, Solid Work, Pro/Engineer and so on. we provide:



    1. Mold basic info

    2. Quantity or technical requirements

    3. Product Moldability Study

    4. Mold Flow Analysis

    5. 2D drawing or 3D drawing

    6. Motion Analysis

    7. Mold Manufacturability Analysis

    8. Production Automation Development

    9. Surface treatment requirements

    10. After Sales Service



    Project Management & Mold Trial

    1. Mold weekly progress report
    2. Mold trial report&video
    3. Steel&sample dimension measurement report
    4. Mold final inspection report
    5. Mold base, steel, hot runner, heat treatment, texture, origin standard parts certifications

    We will have mold trial base on the Specification of Plastic Material which was provided by customer, to make sure set the right parameters on injection machine,such as:mold temperature,injection pressure,cooling time,holding pressure and holding time etc.
    Mold Trial Report , Steel&Sample Dimension Inspection Report will be submmited to customer after each trial.
    We send the quantity of samples as required to customer for dimension check,by express.


    Take pictures or videos for the T1 test and samples send to customer for checking .




    1. Competitive price

    2. Continuance service and support

    3. Diversified rich experienced skilled engineers

    4. Custom R&D program coordination

    5. Application expertise

    6. Quality,reliability and long product life

    7. Mature,perfect and excellence,but simple design



  • R&D

    We have one professional engineers team to design the mold and check the design to make sure all are right before production. My engineers follow the molds' production every week to make sure all of them are in schedule; After trial production, we will check the samples about the finishing and dimension to make sure samples are right or not and make report to our clients; We do the final inspection on molds before mold shipment. We are one of professional company to provide you good quality molds with good price in time.



    Mould Engineering


    A high quality tooling begins from a right design; our design principle is to guarantee the high efficiency, safety and durability of the tools.

    We will have an analysis of 2D and 3D drawings and mold samples offered by the client. Before starting a mold design, we eliminate possible errors that might happen in the manufacturing process, determine the best design scheme, and reduce unnecessary economic loss.


    We offer the production of precision-machined components. Our precision engineering department offers milling, CNC engineering, surface grinding, wire cut, mirror EDM erosion and more. All of your projects will be discussed carefully and checked before production starts.


    Mold and Injection Part Material
    We offer a range of materials in standard mold steel such as LKM, Finkl Daido steel and our Chinese material like P20, H13,S16 etc.
    Product materials including ABS, Nylon, Acetal, Polystyrene, Polypropylene, PC, PVC, TPE etc . Any special materials or requirement, our engineer team will consult with you before production, we will order these material from China local market or your side send to us.

    Injection Mold Design Manufacturing
    Our injection molds design from a few thousands to ten thousands production or more, from automotive, household , electronics, consumer products etc. Our engineer team will customized products to you from mold design to production, choice appropriate mold materials and optimized machining process to reduce lead time and costs, as usual, these local molds will be injected in our plant.
    Normally,those high standard molds will be exported to oversea, we used DME , LKM and HASCO international mold standard to design and manufacturing.


    Mold and Plastic Part Quality

    Our engineers use DFM for all of parts from molds to production, the molds design we will usually uses Mold flow simulation review, from mold base, steel, electrode, runner system the whole process inspection and report. Especially, the mold base, steel, runner system we ask detail certification before machining, during machining, our engineer is strictly check the process to ensure each stage part perfect.
    Plastic injection parts we will inspect them from raw materials certification to sample, pre-production till final production, our quality team is more attention to check them and report relative data to make sure all of parts meet requirement.


    Injection Mold and Injection Part Tolerance

    Our quality team is strictly complying with ISO system procedure to control each of stages process . If our customers have any special requirement, our engineer team will consult with your priority to fix agreement specification to ensure product tolerance.


    Secondary Machining Process

    Weidagao mold company offers more secondary finishing service to customers needs like painting, silk-screen,Ultrasonic welding, packaging, assembly etc in order to make the product aesthetic as customers needs, and provide more good solutions for good quality.




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